Photography by Don "Captain" Kirk

Alien Planet ?

Art from Sweetwater Stagelines™

Whimsy Avenue by Don Kirk, 1993

Art work was printed on stationary, notecards, t-shirts, and 18 x 24 inch watercolor paper prints whereby watercolor could be added and the art framed and sold at starving artists shows.

Some art on Coffee mugs at :

Artwork by Don "Captain" Kirk

Pen & Ink is Don Kirk's medium of preference. No art is currently available for sale except as printed on Coffee Mugs and T-shirts (see previous page).

A few basic unassuming photographs by "The Captain" that have been "doctored" in Adobe Photoshop to make them a mite more interesting.

Unadorned photos of the American West by Don Kirk can be found at:

BOOKS AND ART BY DON KIRK                 

Art Prints
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King William Street, Don Kirk, 1993

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